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Beaver Meadow Elementary School
Concord, NH

Susanne Smith Meyer played a key role in helping us design and build a playground for Beaver Meadow Elementary school in Concord, NH, that was universally designed and integrated skillfully into the natural landscape. She was a joy to work with and we were always impressed by the innovative ideas and collaborative spirit that she brought to the process. The children of Beaver Meadow have a fun, durable, gorgeous play space thanks largely to Susanne's involvement.“

Dan Habib, PTO Playground Committee co-chair

Windy Hill School
New London,NH

“The changes to our playground have been incredibly beneficial, to both the children and the staff. The children engage in sustained, focused play, as they have clearly defined options (trails, boulders, the bridge, sand/water, plants to care for, etc.). Not only is the playground aesthetically pleasing, it is also highly functional. We utilize the playground space for hours each day. The children engage in both active gross motor play and find quiet spots to sit and talk with one another. We feel truly grateful for such a magical space that fits so well with our curriculum model.”

Rachel Ensign, Interim Director

The Learning Center at Concord Hospital
Concord, NH

The children…. “are having a blast! Since the sand area has been functional the staff have decided to "open up" the whole playground to all ages, and it's wonderful!”

Maureen Salo, Director

“Exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the
physical and emotional health of children and adults”

Richard Louv

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